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Mark Pescatore: Police Officers Association seeks yes vote on Measure K
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Mark Pescatore: Police Officers Association seeks yes vote on Measure K

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On Nov. 3, the men and women of the Lemoore Police Officers Association are asking the citizens we serve to vote YES on Measure K. We are asking you, the citizens we serve every day, to help us.

Help us maintain our staffing levels so that we can continue to provide the exceptional service we strive every day to deliver. Help us maintain the equipment we need to keep our city, the citizens we serve, and ourselves safe every day. Help us continue to combat the continuous wave of criminals, gang members, and drug addicts who have attempted to prey upon the citizens of our amazing city.

The City of Lemoore finds itself in a precarious financial position which as led to layoffs of staff, management, and almost the entire recreation department. This tax is all about sustainability of services. It does not go to raises or extra hiring. It does not go to superfluous spending or purchasing.

Measure K is about keeping our police and fire services whole in a time when we are the last services left to cut. We are the last heads on the chopping block. This is not meant to sound dramatic. This is where we are as a city. This is how the budget will be balanced. Layoffs of officers and support staff. Reductions in service. Reductions in our ability to help. Every one of the men and women of this association joined this agency to make a difference. A difference in the community we live and raise our families in.

In a time when the leaders of this state have decided to release more and more non-rehabilitated offenders back into our community, Measure K keeps us fighting strong with the necessary number of officers and support staff. Measure K keeps cops and firefighters on the street.

No city in Kings County, State of California, or the United States has the community support that the men and women of the Lemoore Police Department have from the citizens we serve and protect. This support has been built over years and years of partnership between the members of the Lemoore Police Officers Association and the community we serve and live in. It's been built on compassion and trust. It’s built on sacrifice and the belief that when you call us, we will be there.

On your worst day, your officers will show up to help you with care, compassion, and respect. We will show up when you call for help. We are asking you, the community we serve, to show up on election day and Vote YES on Measure K!

Mark Pescatore is the president of the Lemoore Police Officers Association.

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