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How do you propose to deal with the mounting federal deficit? What specific cuts or new taxes do you support?

The government should never spend more money than it takes in. We cannot saddle future generations with insurmountable debt. Entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare need to be reformed and set on a path of sustainability. If elected, I would make our growing federal deficit a priority and join with other like-minded legislators to address this important issue.  


What is the role of government in general and the federal government specifically? Do you advocate more or less government? What areas should the federal government be involved in and what areas are better left to the states?

The federal government’s role in our life should be as limited as possible. There are a few things, like national security, that should be handled at the federal level. Government should be as close as possible to the people, where voters can most easily hold their representatives accountable for their actions.


What steps would you take to stimulate the economy and create jobs?

The government does not create jobs. I will support efforts to encourage private sector job growth. I will work to remove burdensome regulations that hurt small businesses.


Do you support Obamacare or would you vote to eliminate it or change it? What steps would you take to make sure the American health care system is improved?

I oppose Obamacare. The best way to make health care more accessible is by encouraging competition in the marketplace in order to drive down costs. Creating another government bureaucracy to mandate health care on taxpayers will only increase costs.


Do you support or oppose the California high-speed rail project? What steps would you take regarding high-speed rail and other transportation issues?

High-speed rail is an interesting idea for European cities that are hundreds of years old and very compact. Not in California, not now, and not through our homes and farms. I have serious concerns about the ballooning costs of the project, the Authority’s failure to deal with those in the Central Valley with respect, the outrageous ridership assumptions and a business plan based on fantasy financing. My strategy to dissolving the project is to cut off the money by either a vote of the Legislature or putting the question back to the voters.


What is your stance regarding America’s energy policy and environmental issues?

We should develop domestic energy right here in the United States. I favor an “All of the Above” approach: fossil fuels, renewable energy and nuclear. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been abused by radical environmentalists to stop development, including agriculture. ESA must be reformed in order to provide a better balance between responsible growth and protecting the environment.


What is your position on the key issues facing agriculture, including water, food safety and farm labor/immigration issues?

Our food source is not only an economic issue; it is also a national security issue. Ensuring that the Central Valley has a reliable water supply will protect our domestic food supply and the thousands of jobs that rely on our industry. Those of us in agriculture must continue to educate our urban friends and policy makers about the importance of our industry.


Why are you running for this office, and why do you think you are the best candidate in this race?

I am running for Congress because it provides me the best opportunity to secure a reliable water supply for the Central Valley and encourage private sector job growth. I have lived in the 21st District my entire life. I feel I am best equipped to represent the Central Valley in Congress.

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