Rory Valov

FFA has five degrees a member can receive, the Discovery degree, Greenhand degree, Chapter degree, State degree and the American degree.  As you go for the next degree it takes more time and work.  The Discovery degree can be earned in the seventh or eighth grade, Greenhand degree during freshman year, Chapter during sophomore, State during Junior or Senior year and American one year out of school.

The American Degree hardest to achieve. The qualifications of the American Degree are so followed: have received a state degree, have completed at least 3 years of school instruction in an agriculture program, graduated from high school, have an outstanding SAE project earning $10,000 or working 2,250 hours, and participated in at least 50 hours of community service.

This Hanford FFA is proud to announce that we have three alumni members receiving their American Degree. Congratulations to Kent Sheldon, Kiera Searcy and Shelbi Reis! These three alumni members worked hard to achieve this degree. 

Rory Valov is a Junior at Hanford High and an active member of Hanford FFA.

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