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A comedy of players in government today has finally crossed the path into the absurd.

The incoming cabinet is scheduled to be approved by a Republican majority in the Senate without vetting by the independent Office of Government Ethics. This is especially true for those with a complex web of financial interests and little background in public service —we are left with “potentially unknown or unresolved ethics issues” before their hearings.

This is contrary to the demands that the majority leader of the Senate(McConnell) demanded and got in 2008. All candidates had to complete questionnaires and be cleared by the non-partisan Office of Government Ethics.

We are now told that these cabinet nominees will be pushed through without the required documentation in a one day push to confirm cabinet positions minus the vetting by the FBI, and without the scrutiny from the senate, and of the free press. The hearings are scheduled on the same day that McConnell scheduled a budget “vote-a-rama” where hundreds of bills will be shoved through the Senate.

The chaos that the Republicans have created in the area of national security, immigration, women's rights,and health coverage is simply overwhelming. We need political leadership that can correct the catastrophe that Trump republicans are creating in the US and in the world today. We need Republicans that are willing to advocate democracy. What we are seeing now is just the opposite.We all need to voice outrage at this and at all of the Trump moves to avoid transparency.

Bill Osak


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