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Taxes or what?

Most people in Hanford know me as a tax rebel, after all, I never tried to keep it a secret. I did my best to promote and educate my fellow Americans. Most of them listened, but after all the facts had been discust, the answer was always, "I don't want to go to jail." boo hoo

The Income tax is just that a tax on income or defined as profit and gain. On the other hand Wages are not taxable, not evenif you work overtime, no matter wether you get Five Dollars per hour or Fifty, it's still wages. Back in 1943 when we had full employment due to the war requirement, the Congress passed a law called "witholding tax". Abouta month later some one who knew said "you can't tax labor" so they canceled the law, but they didn't tell anyone so we have h ad witholding for 73 years.

Every time there is talk of changing the 1040 return form to a simpler thre question post card, the tax perpares protess the most and that's OK everybody does it cheat a little, well not everyone. If you paid taxes on your wages for the last three eyars, yu can file for a refund and get it. Don't be bashful.

Everyone receives a check from who he works for. In the upper left hand corner of the check is the company name in all capital letters. All caps means it is a corporation. In the lower right hand corner is the signature of the person who cuts the check and below his name "Authorized signature."

Now look at your checks, its all the same, it just looks different. With a ten power class check out line on where you sign.

Leo Eigenman


Why Democrats lost 

Obama, even though he graduated from Harvard, he is still fighting the Civil War, time to move on. He used the U.N. to make it hard for Isreal to do bussness, giveing companies trouble for doing bussness with Isreal.

The American people started to see through Obama and Hilary's smoke screen, Obamacare was not working 60% of the people on Obama Care were on Medicare paid for by the taxpayers, the military personal having to buy equipment out of their own pocket, vests, nightvision, etc.

Obama leaving office with America 19 trillion dollers in debt, our grand kids will have to pay off. Democrats all they know how to do is tax and spend.

Obama was doing everything he could to make America a 3rd world county and at the same time helping his Arab friends.

Don't forget the tax dollars used to kill babies, the E.P.A. out of control with their regulation, schools haveing so many man-dates making it hard to teach, forget math and reading, and Democrats can not figure out why they lost.


One of Hilary's Deplorables

Ken Cartwright


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