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As I write this letter, President Trump is lying to the people of St Charles MO in his speech about the Tax Cut bill that is currently being discussed in the US Senate.

1. He says lower- and middle-income families will get a tax cut.

Actually, the “cut” lasts for one or two years and then those families start paying more, considerably more by 2027 than they are paying now.

2. He says the average family will get an earnings increase of $4,000 annually because employers are going to raise wages for their employees, based on the savings employers accrue from the tax cuts.

But employers/CEOs who were recently queried said they would do the following three things with their increased earnings:

a. Pay down their debt.

b. Buy back their stocks.

c. Mergers/acquisitions.

Rather than listen to more of his lies, I decided to write this letter and point out a few facts about the proposed tax cut:

1. Health coverage has been thrown into the mix to reduce the government’s costs: millions of Americans will thus choose not to purchase health insurance because the individual mandate is being repealed. That means that those of us who do need health coverage will have to pay considerably more to ensure that insurance companies maintain the huge profits they already make.

2. The bill will increase the national deficit by $1.5 TRILLION! (Most likely more.) As soon as the Republicans get this bill passed, they will say “Oh, we have a deficit that needs to be addressed. How can we erase the deficit?”

They will immediately go after Medicare, Medicaid/MediCal, and Social Security.

That will affect me and my husband as well as other family members as well as many residents of Kings, Tulare, and Fresno counties!

3. The tax cuts will expire for families earning less than $75,000 per year. The cuts are locked in for families earning more and for corporations! Donald Trump’s tax refunds will increase by $1 Billion.

This tax bill is nothing but a huge tax break for wealthy individuals and large corporations.

What can we do to stop this tax cut lie in its tracks?

CALL the SENATORS listed below and tell them to vote no on the tax bill wending its way through Congress:

Susan Collins (Maine): 202.224.2523 or 207.622.8414

Bob Corker (Tennessee): 202.224.3344 or 615.279.8125

Jeff Flake (Arizona): 202.224.4521 or 602.840.1891

Ron Johnson (Wisconsin): 202.224.5323 or 920.230.7250

John McCain (Arizona): 202.224.2235 or 602.952.2410

Thank you!

Linda Jones


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