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There was a piece in the paper the other day ostensibly written by a former City council Member, Mr. Chin, who seemed to be musing philosophically about the concept of "Character," and particularly as it might apply to another Council person. This was unkind and must have been done with "tongue in cheek" because: a principle of "character" is to always do the right thing, even if it is a disadvantage to oneself. Another related concept is "integrity." A primary meaning of integrity is to always do what you say you will do! To be a person of your word.

No offense, but neither of these concepts may reasonably be applied to Mr. Chin or any other politician, and for one to expect it of another is to beg the intelligence of the readership, citizens, tax payers. There is an old saying, "Trust is what you can reasonably expect people to do, not what you think they OUGHT to do." We, as constituents, might better apply this concept to our dealings with the people in government.

Bill Shawhan




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