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Today, I called my Congressman 28 times. They all went unanswered. I received a message thanking me for contacting the Washington D.C. office and was informed that Congressman Valadao was not accepting calls and his mailbox was full. I find this utterly unacceptable.

In 2010, I had the privilege to work for Congressman Cardoza (CA-18). Throughout the process of passing the Affordable Health Care Act, I fielded countless calls from constituents and non-constituents many of whom were rude and attacked me personally for doing my job but our staff listened patiently and recorded every single constituent call. These calls are a critical tool that help congresspeople accurately represent their districts. Today, I was denied the opportunity to have my voice heard by my member of congress but he can’t keep me quiet.

Congressman Valadao must be held accountable for his vote in support of Trumpcare. The Center for American Progress estimates that by 2026 88K people would lose health insurance in Valadao’s district; however, it seems clear that Congressman Valadao is not concerned with the long term. I’d like an explanation of how this bill will benefit the people of the Valley but I won’t hold my breath.

Katie Dooley


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