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West Hills College Lemoore kicked off the first week back from summer break by hosting a barbecue to welcome all new and returning students on Wednesday.

The associated student body group at WHCL organized the event that ran from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and made sure that every student got free hot dogs, chips and drinks.

Student Body President Michael Dey said it was a very successful event with club and information booths set up all around the student union while music played for most of the day.

They were hoping students would come out and participate to encourage them to become more involved on campus.

“We actually had prepared 400 hot-dogs and by the end of it we ran out of them, so we can say we had about 400 students show up,” said Dey.

During the midafternoon, the ASB staff made an effort to get to know everybody in attendance and passed a mic around to all the different booths and clubs to introduce themselves to interested students.

ASB has five vacant senator positions open for students who might be interested in being a part of student government on campus.

Dey said he had many students sign-up to volunteer and had two students who were interested in becoming senators.

“I would say it was a big turn out,” said Dey. “A lot of students wanted to get involved, wanted to know how to get in and wanted to get involved in student government as well.”

Dey considered the event to be quite successful and hopes students come out again for more events.

“It was really cool to put on an event like this and have them all come out,” said Dey.

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