HANFORD — Authorities say mixed martial arts fighter Chad Mendes has been charged with battery for his alleged involvement in a bar fight last month.

The Kings County District Attorney’s Office announced today that they would seek a battery charge against Mendes, which carries with it a possible $2,000 fine and up to six months in county jail.

Kings County Sheriff’s deputies say Mendes, a 27-year-old local native, sucker punched a man in the face at the Lacey Inn Bar on July 29. Leaving out the back door, he ran from law enforcement and managed to escape capture. But witnesses at the scene recognized the famous athlete.

“The victim felt lucky to walk out with just a contusion after being punched by Mendes,” Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam said.

By the time the story made headlines, Mendes had already left the area to coach a teammate in Ohio. His representatives spoke out against the allegations, saying the “majority of the facts pertaining to him in the story are absolutely false.”

Mendes promised, through his spokesmen, to meet with law enforcement upon his return. The Sentinel is trying to reach him for comment.

He is set to be arraigned in court on Sept. 19.

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