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HANFORD — The battle for District E is a tight one.

As of Wednesday’s deadline, District E candidate Cheyne Strawn leads candidate Art Brieno by nine votes (363-354). Strawn’s 2.7 percent lead from last night has been trimmed to 0.76 percent.

“Right now we still remain cautiously optimistic,” Strawn said. “I’m sure there is some outstanding votes, but, in my opinion, I believe we will either retain the same status or we’ll go higher. I just don’t see a downtrend happening.”

If Strawn were to fall behind in the close race he said he would not ask for a recount and accept the results.

“I think the winner deserves to get in office immediately so that they’re able to understand what’s going on and be part of that process,” Strawn said.

Brieno said he expected to pick up votes with the walk-in voter and believes his count will improve.

“I believe our efforts will be acknowledged,” Brieno said. “People were accepting the messages for our future, our kids, our parks and representation for the things that are really impacting [District] E.”

Personally, Brieno would not ask for a recount and accept the results, but he said he would have to meet with the people who worked on his campaign to make a final decision since the race is so close.

“You always have to be mindful of the people that put time into your campaign,” Brieno said. You got to give them a voice of what they would like, so I can only say right now it would have to be considered.”

Jason Kemp Van Ee continues to trail in third place with 287 votes (24.43 percent) and Savino Perico is in fourth with 171 votes (14.55 percent).

As of press time, a total of 1,175 votes have been counted for District E.

District A

In the latest update of District A, an additional 687 votes have been counted. District A candidate John Draxler’s lead has dwindled, but only slightly.

Instead of having 53.47 percent of the vote, Draxler now has 53.05 percent, a less than half percent difference. Incumbent David Ayers saw his percentage points increase from 46.53 percent to 46.95 percent.

Draxler leads 1,174 votes to 1,039 votes for Ayers.

As of press time, 2,213 votes have been counted for District A.

District D

There has been no update in District D since votes were first posted. Incumbent Diane Sharp continues to lead candidate Francisco Ramirez by 31 votes (373-342) or 52.17 percent to 47.83 percent.

Measure C

With more than 70 percent of the vote being “Yes,” it appears Measure C will pass. The proposed tax measure on cannabis has garnered more than 6,100 votes (71.29 percent) in favor and just under 2,500 votes (28.71 percent) against as of Wednesday’s deadline.

As of press time, a total of 8,677 votes have been counted for Measure C.

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