Highway project

This map shows the portion of Highway 41 planned for reconstruction in several years.

A stretch of State Route 41 between Kings County and Kern County is on track for restoration, and the California Department of Transportation in partnership with the California Transportation Commission, is seeking public comment through July 11.

"The purpose of this project is to preserve and rehabilitate the existing pavement, extend the life of the roadway, and minimize future maintenance costs," according to agency officials.

The project will occur near Reef City, from the Kern County line to 0.8 miles west of the I-5/State Route 41 separation within Kings County.

Culverts at 13 locations would be replaced or rehabilitated in addition to the main stretch of pavement, according to Caltrans.

Caltrans began accepting public comments on the project June 10, and if there are no major concerns or requests for a public hearing, Caltrans will proceed with the project’s design, which will shut down that portion of Highway 41 in both directions, according to officials.

"The condition of the pavement within the project limits has deteriorated due to the high volume of truck traffic. This has resulted in increased costs to maintain the existing pavement. Restoring the roadway to a state of good repair would minimize maintenance costs and result in smoother pavement surfaces that could lead to improved vehicle operations, reduced emissions, and reduced energy consumption," according to the Caltrans website.

Those who have comments, concerns or who would like a public hearing, have been invited to submit to Caltrans authorities in writing by U.S. mail or by email, their statements or requests for a public hearing, no later than July 11. 

Mail-in statements can be sent to Caltrans attention: Trais Norris, California Department of Transportation, 2015 East Shields Ave., Suite 100, Fresno, CA 93726, or by email to trais.norris@dot.ca.gov.

The cost for the project will be $18.5 million of which federal funds would cover $16.3 million. The state will pay the remaining $2.1 million for the project, according to a spokesperson at Caltrans.

Final environmental documents are to be completed by September of this year and construction is projected to begin in February of 2025, with a completion goal of July 2026. 

Additionally, on July 22 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Highway 41 near Highway 46 in San Luis Obispo County will be closed in both directions for pothole repair.

Some detours will be available for travelers. If you are heading north on Hwy. 41you  can detour on Hwy. 46 east to State Route 33 north to Hwy. 41 just south of Kettleman City. Those going south on Hwy. 41 can detour onto State Route 33 to Hwy. 46 east.

According to Caltrans, the focus will be on repaving and potholing while also cleaning drains, mowing, and repainting.


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