Amos Emerzian

Amos Emerzian

February 2, 1930-July 28, 2019

Amos was the first born son of Hrant Emerzian and the former Victoria Page, he came into this world on Groundhog's Day, February 2, 1930 in San Francisco Ca. He was 89 years when he departed this life on July 28th, 2019. From the beginning of his life Amos was a free spirit and a daredevil. Whether roller skating from the highest streets of San Francisco at breakneck speed to the streets below. to rough housing with his two younger brothers, Dad was a handful. But he had another side, he served as an alter boy in the Armenian San Francisco Church alongside his deacon father. During the week he received instruction from the nuns at Star of the Sea Elementary School. His mother said once, that he was in trouble with the nuns constantly. Dad was All-Boy, with a dash of devil, an Angel with scraped knees and a frog in his pocket. That was our Dad.

When he was 12 years old the family moved to Selma, where they had many relatives and his father bought a 40 acre ranch on Nebraska Avenue. The boys all worked hard on the ranch, they were all taught that if you wanted something you would need to earn it, Dad was very proud of his first car, with boyish looks and always a dapper dresser, Dad had no problems in the girlfriend department. But little did anyone know his heart was already taken, by the raven haired girl with eyes as blue as the ocean, her name was Louise Aivazian. Dad's father, recognizing the signs of being heartstruck by an Armenian thunderbolt, suggested the military for Dad and for once, Dad listened. Joining the US Army he rose through the ranks becoming a Staff Sergeant. Dad loved the military with its sense of order and precision, loyalty and purpose but something was missing. So on leave Dad returned home to woo the girl of his dreams. A whirlwind courtship ensued and finally, Louise's father consented. With his new bride now in tow. Dad and Mom traveled all over the United States as Dad was frequently assigned to different military bases.

But finally after 6 years, the tug of home pulled on Dad's heartstrings and Mom and him returned home, Dad's military service completed. dad then established Nu-System Cleaners, a dry cleaning business and tailor shop . Soon after a new miracle and a daughter was born , her name was Susan Lynn, then came Lynda Louise and then Carrie Ann. Dad was the father to three little girls and was so proud and so unsure of what to do, he had grown up with brothers and roughhousing that bordered on murder. He had never been a hugs and kisses kind of man but when one of his daughters said she wanted to touch the clouds Dad learned to fly. Taking us into the sky in the Cessna, he gently dipped and turned the wings while his girls squealed in delight and Mom sat frozen in the seat next to him with her eyes closed. Dad was also a sailor and loved the ocean. Two beautiful summers in a row we sailed, I can't remember where we went, it was a long ways from home, but we remember collecting colored starfish on the beach while Dad made a clambake for us in the sand. One summer Dad decided to build a houseboat and he built a two story houseboat in our backyard. Mom's flowers and plants were no more, but all she said was 'your Father!" When completed it was so large that he couldn't get it out of the backyard and had to tear the fence down. We went to Pine Flat Lake and Dad taught us to fish and not to be afraid of worms and to not scream when a fish flopped on the deck. At nite as we lay in our bunks looking at the stars we knew our Dad could do anything. As we grew into young ladies though, we found out that Dad could be dangerous too. As we entered the world of dating and boys a shotgun appeared and casually was placed by the back door. To the interlopers that dared ring our doorbell, little did they know there was a fire breathing dragon on the other side that was ready to breathe fire the moment they crossed the threshold, Now, for the first time we couldn't count on Dad to be asleep when we came home, he was always awake, sitting in his den chair, the outside porch light blazing. Dad also perfected the " dirty look" and equally disturbing the ' who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house?" look.

If the boy still had the guts to come in Dad would reluctantly allow him access but only to the house, his girls were off limits. In 1972, after successfully running his Dry Cleaning Business, the business burned down in a horrific fire that some of the older Selma residents remember to this day. Dad worked alongside the firefighters, trying to subdue the blaze and covered in sweat and soot. Whether Dad ever shed a tear after this tragedy, only he knew. Our Dad didn't know what the word Defeat meant and after settling all of the details, Dad announced to us that he was going to get his license and become a real estate agent. He immersed himself in learning all aspects of the profession and once he had obtained his license, he went to work for the late Harold Carter. As with everything Dad did, he did it with zest and energy. The one thing that soon became apparent Dad was a natural and because he had never worked for another, he opened his own office and in 1973 Amos Emerzian and Associates was born. He was immediately busy.

Dad could list a home in the morning, sell it in the afternoon, have escrow opened before the end of the day and never break a sweat. Dad loved to help people realize the dream of homeownership and on the days he stood up from his desk, a smile on his face and placed the keys in the hands of a new homeowner, he gripped their hands and said I'm always here for you. and he meant it. Dad loved his work and once when someone asked him, don't you ever get tired, he replied, not when I'm having fun. Dad treated his clients equally, whether you were purchasing your first home or were an investor on your 10th apartment purchase, all transactions were important to him because of the people that were behind those contracts. Dad was involved in residential, commercial, agricultural sales as well as the development of several subdivisions in the City Of Selma. His principles were simple. Honesty, Professionalism and Integrity were the foundation of his business. Dad, along with the late Erma Carter Olsen were the driving force behind establishing the South Valley MLS, placing all listings and sales information under one umbrella, encouraging cooperation between Brokerages, even though in competition.

Dad was the most fair man I have ever known and in spite of the fierce competition that exists naturally in his work, he never let it stand in the way of doing right by all. In 1983 his daughter Susan joined her father in the firm and Dad was delighted. From his Oak desk, he advised encouraged, chastised and sometimes complimented, He loved to go on appointments with her and have lunch together afterwards, always advising, always teaching. A father-daughter team to be sure and as time passed the office saw generations walk through their doors, young couples now with grown children, those children and then their grandchildren and Dad was there. In 1980 our Dad was awarded the Best Revitalization of a Commercial Building by the City of Selma. The landmark 69 year old Van Horn Hotel was in a state of severe deterioration. Dad, after a two year renovation presented to the City a new building, now called the Van Horn Building. It is located on the corner of First and East Front Street in Selma. It is also located across the street from where his first business had burned to the ground. Somehow I think Dad planned it that way but he never said, Dad was not a man to seek out awards but he was honored and very proud to be recognized for this major accomplishment. Dad at one time was a member of the Lion's Club, Selma Rotary and always a member of the Selma Chamber of Commerce. H loved salt water taffy, old war movies, black licorice sticks, pistachio nuts, old war movies ballroom dancing and beautiful women, not necessarily in that order. He was the Dad you called at midnite with a flat tire or at 3 in the morning when there was a scratchy noise in your bedroom closet and you were scared to open the door. He was the anchor, the rock, the guiding force that made our family strong. He was the inspiration and the energy that whirled in our hearts and made us believe that all things are possible. He was the Father that showed us what real strength and integrity looked like and he did it effortlessly. Our Dad, Amos Emerzian and Associates was in continuous service to the Community of Selma from 1973 to 2019 for 46 years. He was a resident of the community for 76 years.

He worked up until a month before he departed. As his daughters, we saw his health suddenly begin to fail. We lectured him to stop driving around everywhere, please go home and rest, we sent him trays of food and 'mothered' him until fed up with us, he kicked us all out of his house and locked the door. We were trying to weaken him and our father was never weak so we smiled, knowing this, and went home. On the last day of his life on this earth Dad drank several ice cold coronas, ate a pint of Hagaan Daz ice cream and for the first time, the man that never stood still, closed his eyes. He was the best father and grandfather anyone could ever have wished for. He will always be the King of Our Family . Daddy , thank you for all you did to make our lives better, thank-you for teaching us how beautiful life could be and what a great man truly looks like. We'll see you again Dad, on the other side. Good-Nite. Amos Emerzian had three daughters, Susan Lynn, Lynda Louise and Carrie Ann. He leaves behind 14 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. his former wife and lifelong friend, Louise Emerzian, his brother Harry and his sister-in-law Karen, two nieces, Laura and Sara, and a nephew Mark Emerzian. His brother Ray Emerzian and sister-in-law Beverley proceeded him in death.

Dad's funeral will be Monday August 12th at 9:30 am at Page Funeral Chapel in Selma followed by a short graveside service at the Selma Floral Cemetery. Afterwards a memorial lunch will be held at Spike and Rail in Selma. It would be an honor for us to have you attend. Thank You

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