Name: Mark Cole

Age: 58

Brief biography:

I'm a third-generation Hanford resident on both sides of my family. I graduated from Hanford High School in 1975. I spent a little over 10 years in the U.S. Army, where I worked as a public affairs officer. I was a journalist, newspaper editor and speechwriter before switching to broadcasting for the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network. After leaving the military, I moved to Fresno, where I eventually opened my own television production studio, making long-form videos and TV commercials. Ten years ago, my mother was diagnosed with kidney disease, so I put my life on hold to move back to Hanford to care for my mother full-time for several years until she passed. I have remained in Hanford and have worked closely with the city, the Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Hanford to improve the Hanford lifestyle in any way I can, including by bringing the KJUG concert series.

Contact information: phone: 772-6195; email:

Why are you running for office?

I want to restore downtown Hanford to its former glory and help the city to continue to prosper.

How are you different than other candidates?

As a third-generation resident of the city, I remember how prosperous our downtown used to be. I actually care about the city and the residents. I have no other agenda than to help revitalize Hanford.

What is the biggest issue in your race and how will you solve this issue?

Revitalizing downtown Hanford is the biggest issue. One of the ways I plan to fix this, is I have started a nonprofit organization called Restore Downtown Hanford. I have federal approval, now I am waiting on state approval. The goal of this organization, in which I am partnered with Kalish Morrow, is to raise money to fix many of the buildings that are in horrible disarray.

Why should voters select you?

Because I actually care about my hometown and have no further political aspirations other than to help.


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