Adam Medeiros

A local member of the business community is making a run for California's 21st Congressional District

Adam Medeiros, an immigrant from Portugal, is making the run to defend what he says his family came to the United States for in 1963.

"My father told me that we came to America with less than nothing and had to borrow money from his sister just to be able to bring the whole family," Medeiros said. "He never once regretted coming to America because this was, and still is, the land of opportunity."

Medeiros is married with three children and owns Medeiros Spa & Salon in Hanford. His goal is to fight back against he says is authoritarianism.

"We are still One Nation Under God," Medeiros said. "We may be flawed, but if we all embrace the words of the late, great John F Kennedy; ‘Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.’, we can all play our part in making America the great nation she was destined to be."

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