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LEMOORE — The Lemoore City Council finally laid to rest at its regular meeting Tuesday the issue pertaining to the proprietary right and use of the official city seal and other insignia.

The ordinance in question restricts the use of the official city seal and insignia to official city business only. The ordinance will allow for enforcement for unlawful use of the city seal or logo, which could result in a misdemeanor charge.

Councilmember Holly Blair said she supported the ordinance but thought the wording did not clearly give the council discretion to decide who could use the logo and for what purpose.

Blair said she would like wording to be added to clearly state that the council has the discretion to allow the use of the city logo for events that are not necessarily “official city business.” Mayor Ray Madrigal said he believed the wording allowed for the council discretion Blair was asking for.

After 20 minutes of council debate and public input, Vice Mayor Eddie Neal said he thought the council had been “spending time spinning our wheels” on the issue for too long and moved to approve the city logo ordinance. It was approved 4-1 with Blair being the only “no” vote.

The council also discussed a bid approval to rehabilitate two city wells. Public Works Director Nathan Olson said he hasn’t had to run the two wells this winter due to a low water demand, but he will need the wells for the summer and wants to get them rehabilitated as soon as possible.

Olson said there was only one bid of $344,687 from Zim Industries. He said the money would come from $2 million that the water department set aside for arsenic remediation — which is part of the work that will be done to the wells. Olson asked that the money be used for the well work because the work was an unbudgeted item.

Blair was concerned as to why the job only received one bid, and why the department doesn’t open the bid again to get a better pool of bids. Olson said he doesn’t know why there were no other bids, but going out to bid again is not required by a public contract code and he thinks the work needs to get done soon, not be pushed back another 45 days.

“Going back out [for bid] doesn’t guarantee me that anybody else is going to bid it,” Olson said. “[…] and I will have a problem supplying water to the citizens of Lemoore if I don’t have these wells online when it starts getting 90 degrees outside.”

Lemoore resident Tom Reed told the council he believed the Public Works department did their “due diligence” and to not “beat them over the head” but just let them get the job done. Madrigal said he believed the department was in compliance with their contracting statutes, and the bid was approved with all councilmembers voting “yes.”

In new business, the council discussed contractual services with engineering firm Quad Knopf (QK) to develop water, wastewater and storm water master plans in partnership with Carollo Engineers firm.

Blair asked why this particular job didn’t go to bid and how the council is supposed to know if they are getting the best quality work for the price. Olson said the department is not required to go to bid for a professional service because QK already has a contract with the city.

Olson said he called all of Carollo’s references and was told the firm was the best at what they do and the best company for the job. Blair was unconvinced and said she still does not have proof that Carollo is giving the city the best price for services.

After some discussion, the motion was eventually approved 4-1 with Blair being the only “no” vote to allow QK and Carollo to develop water, wastewater and storm water master plans.

In the City Manager report, City Manager/Lemoore Police Chief Darell Smith presented a special award to Sgt. Danny Santos. The American Legion of Lemoore named Santos as their Officer of the Year. Smith said Santos is a perfect example of the good representation the department would like to see in all their officers.

“I saw in Danny the character traits and values I wanted our leaders to possess,” Smith said about promoting Santos to sergeant in 2015. “Danny is passionate about his profession. He goes above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure that our organizational objectives are met; but more importantly, he takes care of his people.”

Smith thanked the American Legion for acknowledging Santos with the award, and said the police department, the City Council and the entire city of Lemoore should be proud of Santos.

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