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Fred Bastardo won $750,000 from the California Lottery on a $10 Mystery Crossword Scratchers ticket that he bought at a Hanford convenience store.

HANFORD – It was just a regular day for Fred Bastardo as he visited a local market to buy some California Lottery tickets. He purchased one Scratchers ticket, but it wasn’t a winner, nor was the second or the third.

“I’m not leaving until I get a winner,” Bastardo told the clerk.

After his fourth ticket didn’t win, Bastardo bought a fifth Scratchers ticket.

“OK, if I don’t win I’m done,” Bastardo said.

His persistence paid off because the fifth and final ticket, a $10 Mystery Crossword Scratchers, turned out to be worth a staggering $750,000.

The very same day, Bastardo and his girlfriend went to the California Lottery’s Fresno District Office to claim his huge top prize.

Before they got there though, they had to make a stop.

As Bastardo’s girlfriend was driving on the freeway, he told her she needed to pull over because he needed to have a serious talk with her.

Bastardo’s girlfriend told Lottery officials that she instantly got worried that her suddenly-rich boyfriend was about to either break up with her or propose.

Bastardo did in fact propose and the two are now engaged. His new fiancée said that getting engaged was even better than winning the money.

The winning ticket was purchased at El Ranchero Liquor, located at 11998 S. 10th Ave. in Hanford.

When asked what he planned on doing with his winnings, the lucky winner said he would like to invest his money wisely and start his own business.

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