Dash, the Kings County Sheriff’s Office K-9 who was shot during an incident on Nov. 26, has suffered a setback, but is expected to make a full recovery.

A statement from Hanford Veterinary Hospital where Dash is being treated by Dr. Lee Fausett — the Kings County K-9 units’ team veterinarian — said Dash had to have a second surgery on Dec. 2.

A press release from the hospital said the initial gunshot wound caused a non-displaced fracture of Dash’s femur and the fracture line continued to progress until the femur fracture completely displaced, resulting in the need to repair the fracture with an internal plate and screws.

Although Dash’s recovery is now anticipated to take longer, hospital officials said he is expected to be able to return to service.

Dash’s full medical expenses are being taken care of by “The Brando Fund”, a nonprofit established in May 2010 by Fausett to pay the costs of medical care and insurance for the Kings County Sheriff’s K-9 unit.

Like all medical insurances, the full cost of treatment will not be covered by insurance, so the Brando Fund will cover the rest of the expenses.

Donations to the Brando Fund can be made several ways: On the Brando Fund Facebook page or a check can be mailed to “The Brando Fund” c/o Hanford Veterinary Hospital, 1417 Glendale Ave.