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HANFORD — Dog fans were fascinated by a furry flurry of pooches at the Kings County Fairgrounds Thursday and Friday as hundreds of dogs, and their owners, visited Hanford for the annual Kings and Sequoia Kennel clubs AKC dog show.

The shows continue Saturday and Sunday.

Each day, between 590 and 760 dogs would be presented, all vying for the title of top dog.

Thursday’s Best in Show was Nik, an Akita owned by Stacey Borrman of Gilroy and the runner up was Skittle, a pug handled by Jorge Olivera, of San Diego.

“It’s hard to pick a favorite,” said club treasurer Pat Noland. “But the Akita was beautiful. It could win all four days.”

Dozens of German Shepherds, retrievers, Chihuahuas and hounds of all types wandered the Kings County Fairgrounds.

Another star of the show was Pikku, a Norwegian lundehund. The rare breed nearly went extinct around WWII, but due to rigorous breeding, has bounced back a bit, with about 350 in the United States, though owner Carrie Riley says that only about 50 of those are in the breeding pool.

Riley, from near Dallas, Texas, was originally planning on only showing her Siberian Huskies at the event, but was persuaded to bring Pikku, one of her five lundehunds, by kennel club officials.

“They’re great little dogs,” Riley said.

Proceeds from the show will be used for charitable causes, including donations to local animal shelters and scholarships for students to the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine. The kennel clubs also give to the canine programs of local law enforcement agencies.

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