Cases rates are slowing down in the Kings County area, but health officials are still encouraging caution as the community moves ahead. 

At the most recent Board of Supervisors meeting, Assistant Health Director Darcy Pickens laid out the current numbers and situation concerning COVID-19 in Kings County, painting a picture of cautious optimism. 

“COVID hospitalizations have declined this past week locally," Pickens said. "Regional capacity to take on additional incoming patients is still limited, but we are seeing early signs of improvement on that front, though it is a little too soon to determine whether — and for how long — this trend will continue.”

As of Monday, Adventist Health Hanford had 28 patients in med surg and four in the intensive care unit. Of these, 21 were Kings County Residents. It's a significant drop from last week, when 40 patients were in med surg, while ICU occupancy was down by half from last week's eight. 

New case numbers are also coming in at a slower rate, with only 214 new COVID cases this last week opposed to the previous 281. There is a a slight trend upward in the 12-15 and 50-64 age brackets, but Silva said it remains stable. 

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