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HANFORD — The Hanford Police Department is warning residents of a phone scam making the rounds.

According to a Facebook post on the Hanford Police Officers’ Association page, Hanford PD has received several calls regarding a phone scam where someone is spoofing the department’s phone number.

Officials said the caller seems to be targeting 290 registrants who have been all the reporting parties so far.

Police said the caller is advising potential targets that they are with the "Sheriff’s Department" and telling targets that they will be arrested or have a warrant issued for their arrest if they do not pay the caller using gift cards.

In one case, the reporting party did actually pay $2,000 and later realized that it was a scam, officers said.

The Hanford Police Department would like to let residents know that law enforcement officers will never call anyone requesting any type of payment or money.

If you have suspicion of someone claiming they are with the department, officials said you can request their name and badge number and call HPD’s main number at 585-2540 to speak with dispatch to verify, and then request a call back from that officer.

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