Empty storefronts like these at the Hanford Mall could have new tenants thanks to an amendment to city zoning laws, allowing non-retail businesses to open in commercial residential areas in Hanford. 

Non-retail Hanford businesses will now be able to set up shop outside the Downtown area thanks to the most recent decision to change the City’s zoning laws.

On Tuesday evening, Hanford City Council passed Zoning Text Amendment 2021-01, by a 3-2 vote by councilmembers Kalish Morrow, Amanda Saltray and Mayor Francisco Ramirez. 

According to Morrow, the amendment will allow for non-retail businesses to locate outside of the Downtown Hanford area and into commercial regional areas of the town, such as the Costco development area or the Hanford Mall. These businesses include (but are not limited to) medical, dental, laboratory and optometry services, professional services and catering businesses.

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