Park conceptual design

A conceptual design from February 2021 shows a 40-acre park in the city of Hanford, now called Heroes Park.

The Hanford City Council on Tuesday reviewed the Council's adopted goals for the city's parks and discussed related objectives and funding options for fiscal year 2022-23.

The four goals were outreach for Hidden Valley Park, conceptual design and preliminary cost estimates; revised design standards for new development of city parks; complete design and final cost estimates for Heroes Park; and council support and consensus on long-range finance strategies aligned with the 2020 Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

The council also received audited financial statements for fiscal year 2021 from the city’s independent external auditor Hudson, Henderson & Company Inc.

After a closed session, the council approved grant funding totalling nearly $54,000 from the State Homeland Security Grant Program.

The 2021 funding in the amount of $28,000 for the Hanford Fire Department will be used to purchase base station and apparatus mobile radios. 2020 funding from the State Homeland Security Grant Program in the amount of $25,650 will be used to buy portable radios for the fire department.

Changes to the Water Service Discontinuation policy were presented by the city attorney including the elimination of a 10 percent late fee which would be replaced by a new fee; elimination of the one-and-one-half percent interest rate and replacing it with a new rate the council identifies in the future.

Another recommended change was that customers requesting a payment plan would be required to pay one-fourth of their balance instead of one-third at the beginning of their payment plan.

Also recommended is that the city extend the payment period for customers subject to hardships for up to 12 months.

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