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King's is one of several counties in California to adopt recommendations under Laura's Law, which is "off to a promising start," according to a report from the non-profit Treatment Advocacy Center.

The Kings County Board of Supervisors met this week to hear presentations from various agencies requesting budget approvals.

Funding requests came from the county Fire Department, the Public Works Department and the Kings County Administrative office to facilitate the transfer of water to the area.

Budget Approvals

The Board of Supervisors approved three requests for funding. The first came from a county fire department representative, who requested $5,169 for the purchase of a Lincoln Ranger welder.

The supervisors unanimously approved the fire department's request. All of the county's supervisors were present, except Richard Valle (Dist. 2), who appeared via videoconference from home, where he was recovering from a recent positive test of COVID-19.

Supervisors in attendance at the meeting include Chairman Joe Neves (Dist. 1); Vice Chairman Richard Fagundes (Dist. 5); Doug Verboon (Dist. 3); and Pedersen.

The next funding request came from the Public Works Department.

Mitchel Cabrera, the department's chief engineer, addressed the supervisors. He asked them to consider approving Tract 756 for phases 6 and 7 of a subdivision agreement, along with an estimate from Peters Engineering Group for county roadway improvements.

In addition, Cabrera requested the supervisors approve $1.6M for estimated costs to partially remodel Kings County Fire Station No. 5.

The supervisors voted unanimously to approve all the requests from the Public Works Department, as presented by Cabrera.

Finally, the Board of Supervisors heard a detailed presentation from Edward Hill, the county's administrative officer. He requested the supervisors consider signing an agreement, "upon approval of their Board on Jan. 13, 2022 facilitating the transfer of water to Kings County ... from the Mojave Water Agency."

Supervisor Verboon noted it seemed incongruent for a county that supplies much of the world's agriculture products to rely on a desert agency for water. However, Verboon — along with the other supervisors — voted to approve the request to transfer water to Kings County.

"You've got the trifecta," Chairman Neves announced, alluding to the board's unanimous votes for all three budget-request approvals.

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