Lemoore City Council

The Lemoore City Council meetings are on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m., in the Lemoore City Council Chambers, 429 C St., Lemoore. Visit www.lemoore.com.

  • Mayor — term 2016-2020, Eddie Neal, District D. Contact by email at eneal@lemoore.com or call 925-6834.
  • Mayor Pro Tem — term 2018-2022, Chad Billingsley, District C. Contact by email at cbillingsley@lemoore.com or call 925-6835.
  • Council Member — term 2018-2022, Stuart Lyons, District A. Contact by email at slyons@lemoore.com or call 925-6832.
  • Council Member — term 2016-2020, David Brown, District B. Contact by email at dbrown@lemoore.com or call 925-6831.
  • Council Member — term 2016-2020, Holly Andrade Blair, District E. Contact by email at hblair@lemoore.com or call 925-6833.

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Please email upcoming meetings two weeks prior to publication to pressrelease@HanfordSentinel.com.

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