Erin Vogel

Erin Vogel's bookstand can be found every week at the Thursday Night Market Place.

This week’s Thursday Night Market was themed Family Fun Night — something which Erin Vogel, a Cinnamon Elementary third-grade teacher, has lots of experience facilitating.

Vogel, a vendor at the market whose booth centers around books, would tell you that her main inspiration for setting up shop at the weekly venue was simply giving back to her students.

“I am the book lady, I’m a third-grade teacher, I’ve been teaching for 26 years, and I wanted to give books to my kids," said Vogel, as she helped a youngster at her booth looking for a Harry Potter book. "There’s nowhere to buy books, especially used books, so I started cleaning out my classroom, hitting the thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales, so the majority of my books are between $1 to $2.”

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