Elections office

Ballots are prepared in the Kings County elections office on Election Day.

HANFORD — Though Election Day is behind us, the Kings County elections office is still hard at work counting the last few mail-in ballots.

On Thursday morning, Registrar of Voters Kristine Lee said the elections office had about 3,000 ballots come in the mail that needed to be counted. She said she expected some more to filter in Friday and in the coming days.

For this type of June primary election, Lee said it’s normal for the county to get about 15,000 ballots. This year had a slightly higher turnout with around over 17,000 ballots.

Besides having older tabulation machines that periodically needed to be stopped and reworked, Lee said Election Day went as planned.

“Everything went pretty smoothly,” Lee said.

Lee expects results to be certified by June 15. She said the office has to wait eight days to verify mail-in ballots that did not have signatures.

Vote counts will be updated on the county’s website toward the end of every day until the results are certified, Lee said.

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