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Kings County deputies responded Saturday morning to a call of a burglary in progress in the 13000 block of 10th Avenue.

The Kings County Sheriff’s Department arrested two Kings County employees on suspicion of burglary and possession of stolen property.

Deputies said they found Jesse Mazuka, 39, and Nicolas Cuevas, 19, removing items from a vacant home and loading them into a nearby Toyota pick-up.

Mazuka is a Kings County probation officer. Kings County said they cannot discuss his status at this time and that it is under investigation.

Cuevas served the county as an extra-help reserve detention deputy. He was a part-time, at-will employee and is no longer employed by the county.

Mazuka and Cuevas were not on duty at the time of the arrest.

The sheriff’s department reported that Mazuka and Cuevas removed a door to the home to gain entry. It was also reported that the suspects took several items from the residence including wood trim and antique bathroom fixtures.

The owner of the property informed deputies that he had not given permission to anyone to enter or remove items. The sheriff’s department said that both suspects admitted they did not have permission to enter the property or remove items, but did so anyway.

The sheriff’s department later served a search warrant at a residence of one of the suspects where additional property taken from the owner’s property was located.

This investigation continues.

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