HANFORD — A man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly stealing an elderly woman’s wallet as she was getting change to give to him, police said.

Hanford Police officers said 35-year-old Gabriel Lopez asked the woman for spare change and as she opened her purse to get some money out of her wallet, Lopez grabbed the wallet out of her purse.

Police said Lopez and the woman struggled over the wallet, but Lopez was eventually able to rip the wallet from the woman’s hands and ran away.

Officials said officers were called to the area of 225 W. Seventh St. at around 10 a.m.

Witnesses in the area followed Lopez and attempted to corner him while waiting for law enforcement, police said. They said a witness in the area also video recorded part of the incident with their cell phone.

When officers arrived, they said Lopez was still in possession of the stolen wallet and they took him into custody.

Officials said Lopez is on parole and was also in possession of a dagger when arrested.

Authorities said Lopez was booked into the Kings County Jail on suspicion of robbery, elder abuse, possession of dagger and parole hold.