KETTLEMAN CITY - The Kings County Sheriff's Department reports that two credit card skimming devices were found inside gas pumps at the Valero gas station in Kettleman City.

On Aug. 1, the Kings County Sheriff’s Office said it received a call from a representative of the Fresno Educational Employee Credit Union fraud division. The representative reported that three EECU customers had fraudulent purchases made on their bank account in the past week. All the fraudulent purchases had been made in southern California with all three customers having visited the same Valero gas station the week before the charges were discovered.

Credit card skimming devices can capture bank information from unsuspected customers who insert their credit card at the gas pumps to purchase fuel. The people involved in the skimming device then use this bank information to make fraudulent charges, or they sell the bank information to others who make cloned credit cards.

Police said deputies went to the Valero gas station in Kettleman City to begin to investigate the gas pumps for skimming devices. During the inspection, a deputy discovered two credit card skimming devices that were located inside two different gas pumps.

Police said they believe the skimming devices were placed inside the gas pumps sometime in the previous week. The people responsible for installing the devices are currently unknown.

In an effort to prevent people from being victims of credit card skimming devices, police urge people to purchase gas inside rather than paying at the pump.

The Kings County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who visited the Valero gas station in Kettleman City and believes to have fraudulent charges appearing on their bank or credit card statement to call KCSO at 852-2720.

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