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Hanford Police Department

HANFORD — The Hanford Police Department conducted Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Shoulder Tap and Minor Decoy operations recently, which resulted in seven arrests for misdemeanor offenses, officials said.

During these operations, which took place on Oct. 12, officers said minors were used as decoys to ask customers of businesses to purchase alcohol for them, as well as attempt to purchase alcohol for themselves at local businesses.

During the six-hour operation, police said undercover officers, ABC agents and minor decoys visited over 30 different ABC-licensed establishments.

Officers said they arrested three individuals who purchased alcohol for minors, as well as one person who was on parole and in possession of pepper spray. They said another person was arrested for having an open container of alcohol at Civic Park and was caught urinating in public.

Officials also said two store cashiers were cited and released for selling alcohol to minors. Authorities said both licensed establishments will receive administrative violations from the Alcoholic Beverage Control for selling alcohol to minors.

These operations were funded by the Alcoholic Beverage Control’s Grant Assistance Program.

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