A Hanford Police officer and his K9 partner are in recovery after fentanyl exposure during a traffic stop on Wednesday last week, according to law enforcement officials.

At 1:52 p.m. May 18, a Hanford Police officer conducted a traffic stop on a blue Mercedes-Benz for a traffic violation in the area of 12th Avenue and Greenfield Street. The driver, later identified as Eduardo Opazo, 38, reportedly drove for half a mile before stopping.

As the officer approached, he noticed Opazo had a large amount of a white powder on his clothing and detained Opazo in the patrol car, according to officials. K9 Krash and the officer conducted an exterior check of the car for narcotics.

As Krash got closer to the driver's door he began to act strangely, then lost consciousness, officials report. The officer believed the substance on Opazo to be fentanyl and immediately gave narcan to Krash, who was then rushed to Hanford Veterinary Clinic, where more narcan was administered.

While at the clinic the K9 Officer reportedly began to feel unwell and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Both Krash and his handler were released after a few hours to recover at home.

Members of the DEA Impact team assisted at the scene where they tested the white substance in the car, which tested positive for fentanyl. Opazo was arrested and booked into Kings County Jail.

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