LEMOORE — The Kings County District Attorney's Office filed four charges against Lemoore Councilmember Holly Blair Monday morning after she was arrested Saturday on a domestic violence call.

Blair is still in Kings County Jail on several counts including: attempted criminal threats, dissuading a witness, domestic battery and violation of a protective order, according to Assistant District Attorney Phil Esbenshade. 

On July 6, the Lemoore Police Department responded to a domestic violence report around 10 a.m. at a Lemoore household, according to a media release.

When authorities arrived, Paul Blair was in front of the residence and told officers that his wife, 37-year-old Holly Evelyn Blair, had threatened to kill him.

Paul Blair recounted that when he tried to walk away and use his phone, Holly Blair punched him once in the back of the head, officials said.

Paul Blair said with the recent domestic violence, he felt the threat against him was credible and he was in fear for his safety as well as his children’s safety. He did not have any visible injuries, but did complain of minor pain and refused any medical attention.

Holly Blair was arrested without incident, officials said. Her bail is currently at $160,000 as of Tuesday morning.

Holly Blair violated an emergency protective order that her husband filed when she tried to contact him from Kings County Jail after the arrest, Esbenshade said. 

Paul Blair released a statement Monday afternoon about his wife's arrest and mental health. 

"My wife, Holly Andrade Blair, has been suffering from serious mental illness and needs help," he said in the statement. "I feel helpless right now to help her and have little faith that the Kings County Court System will do anything but try to lock her away for as long as possible." 

Paul Blair goes on to explain that Holly Blair's actions have been out of character and he believes the safest place for her is in jail, according to the statement.

The stress of her position on Lemoore City Council, her conflict with the Lemoore Police Department and the bullying their family has received was too much for her to bear, he said in the statement. 

Holly Blair also faces an enhancement for committing a crime while out on bail, which adds two years to any charges on which she is convicted, Esbenshade said. 

Saturday's arrest comes just over a month after Holly Blair was originally arrested on several charges after barreling into Lemoore Police Department's parking lot with her car. 

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