The Kings County Sheriff’s Office is looking for employees to help out in their Jail Division.

According to Patrol Sgt. Nate Ferrier, the Jail Division is hiring nine detention technicians. A technician is a non-sworn employee that works running many of the day-to day operations of the jail, including inmate bookings, answering calls, running the housing units, and the in-and-out activities for inmates.

“And that entails ... releasing them out to the recreation area for food, meal-time, medical staff in-and-out – they control all the electronic doors in the facility,” Ferrier said. “So it’s a pretty high-demand position.”

Technicians may also be called on to handle de-escalation in a crisis such as a fight between inmates.

In addition to technicians, there is an ongoing demand for reserve detention deputies. The deputies are part-time, being allowed to work for up to 960 hours only. Ferrier added that while they aren’t paid at the same rate as their full-time counterparts, it’s an excellent stepping stone for full-time work.

“Generally when they hire a full-time detention deputy, they pool from their reserves,” Ferrier said.” Because you’re already experienced, you know how everything works, you know the job, so it’s a stepping stone straight into a full-time spot.”

Those interested in applying can do so at More information is available at (559) 852-4123 or (559) 852-2791, or at

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