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K-9 Deputy Bluz

Two suspects were booked into Kings County Jail after being apprehended by the Sheriff’s Office and one of their top K-9 deputies, according to Kings County Sheriff's Office. 

According to Sgt. Nate Ferrier, public information officer for the KCSO, deputies were dispatched on Monday afternoon to Fremont Ave. in Lemoore regarding calls of a possible trespassing. Officers were informed of a mobile home sitting on the property that had reportedly been vacant for two years and upon arrival, they began knocking on the doors and windows, warning anyone inside to exit.

A woman by the name of Eileen Malicsi reportedly exited the mobile home, saying she’d been asleep and was alone in the home. Deputies began searching the mobile home with K-9 Bluz, who alerted them to an area between the couch and the wall. Bluz reportedly began pawing at the carpet and as it was peeled back, a man’s voice could be heard from underneath the floor, according to reports. The man vocally surrendered, but Bluz continued pawing and part of the floor caved in, revealing a small square cut out that lead underneath the mobile home. The male suspect, Arthur Madrid, was then alleged to have crawled out of the space, and was placed into custody.

“I highly doubt we would have located the suspect without the assistance of Bluz,” Ferrier said. “The presence of the K-9 caused the suspect to surrender and therefore no force was used.”

It was determined that Malisci  had five Kings County warrants that had been issued for her arrest for such charges as possession of a controlled substance, driving without a valid driver’s license, failure to appear in court, identity theft and check fraud. The total bail for the warrants was $60,000 with one being no bail.

During a search of the residence, three rounds of .223 Remington rounds were located, according to authorities. Arthur admitted he had located the ammunition and had planned to dispose of it, according to reports. Madrid was a convicted felon having been convicted of robbery.

Eileen was booked into Kings County Jail for her five outstanding warrants and trespassing. Her bail was set at $65,000. Arthur was booked into Kings County Jail on the charges of trespassing. 

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