Mendoza and Burrito

Hanford Navy veteran Joshua Mendoza is asking for the public's help in retrieving his stolen 36-year-old parrot, Burrito. 

After a late-night robbery Saturday, a local Navy man is searching for his missing life-long companion, a parrot named Burrito.

Returning home Sunday morning after a night away, Hanford resident Joshua Mendoza found that his house and been robbed and that valuables were missing – including the 36-year-old red-lored Amazon parrot.

“It’s heart-breaking, literally, unequivocally heartbreaking,” said Mendoza, 36.  “I’ve been depressed for quite a few days.”


Parker Bowman is a lifestyles reporter and editor for the Hanford Sentinel. He can be reached by email at, or by calling his office phone at 559-583-2432.

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