The man who killed a motorcyclist last June has been given his sentence, and his family has received the opportunity to let him know the impact of his actions.

At the Kings County Superior Court, visiting Judge James LaPorte sentenced 21-year-old Francisco Ayala to 270 days in custody on Wednesday, after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter. However, according to Executive Assistant District Attorney Phil Esbenshade, Ayala will only serve 135 actual days in custody with good behavior and work time credits. He was also sentenced to two years’ probation.

The incident that brought about the charge occurred on the morning of June 9, 2020, when Ayala collided with 51-year-old Louie Lopez. According to his family, Lopez was riding his motorcycle in the area of 10th and Kent avenues in rural Kings County. He was on his way to see his uncle, before they would go together to visit another uncle he hadn’t seen in some time. Ayala was reportedly on his phone when the collision occurred, and was distracted while driving.

The family of Louie Lopez — including his mother, aunt and uncle and two daughters — were present for the sentencing, writing testimonials for Ayala on what they went through in the wake of the crash.

“I was not ready to be on my own, but I had no choice,” said Alyssa Lopez, his daughter.

The family also shared with the defendant who Louie was as a person and what he meant to them. They relayed that he was a hardworking, dedicated family man who raised his daughters alone for twelve years following the death of his wife.

He was also looking forward to meeting his new grandson. At the time of the accident, one of his daughters, Samantha, was pregnant with her second child. He was born just two months later and was named Louie in his grandfather’s memory.

“Louie is not here to see his grandsons,” said Elena Lopez, his sister.

In court, the family further expressed the need to ignore phones and mind the road at all times when driving.

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