HANFORD — Former Lemoore City Council Member Holly Blair was ordered to be admitted to an inpatient mental health program during her court session Tuesday. 

Blair, who has been serving time at Kings County Jail for several charges, will be transferred to a department state hospital due to her incapability to stand trial. Kings County Superior Court Judge Randy Edwards made the decision, which follows the county community program director’s recommendation.

“We feel that the best place for Ms. Blair at this time is in a locked facility receiving treatment from qualified professionals,” Assistant District Attorney Phil Esbenshade said. 

Blair was found not mentally capable to stand trial and her criminal proceedings were suspended by Edwards on Sept. 25. She was first arrested on June 5 after she reportedly drove through a Lemoore Police Department parking lot at high speeds and evaded officers. 

Lemoore police officers and community members were in the rear parking lot of the police department when Blair entered in her Honda Pilot at high speed, officials said. When officers tried to get her to stop, she drove around and led them on a police chase. 

She was arrested shortly after and was released on bail, but was arrested for a second time on July 6 on domestic violence charges.

In court Tuesday, Blair was silent until Esbenshade reviewed the maximum sentence she could receive once her charges went to trial. 

Blair can face up to 16 years in prison; six years for her first case and 10 years for her second. Blair repeated “10 years” after Esbenshade announced the information, along with some other words that were unclear. She also said “10 years” to her husband when she left the courtroom. 

Blair’s husband, Paul Blair, declined to comment about Tuesday’s court session. He did publish an official statement after his wife’s second arrest, explaining how the safest place for her is in custody.

Blair will remain at a department state hospital until she is found mentally capable to stand trial. She will be transferred from the Kings County Jail once a bed becomes available, which shouldn’t be hard because of the court order, Esbenshade said. 

Edwards also ordered that Blair be administered anti-psychotic medication either voluntarily or involuntarily. 

“There is substantial evidence that the defendant (Blair) lacks the capacity to make decisions about such medications,” Edwards said. 

Blair’s next court date is scheduled for Nov. 13, which will be a check-up to make sure she was transferred. She will most likely end up at the Atascadero State Hospital, Esbenshade said. 

After she is admitted as a patient, the hospital will submit a report concerning Blair’s status to the Kings County Superior Court within 90 days. An additional court date was scheduled for Feb. 3, 2020 to review the report. 

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