HANFORD — Lemoore Councilmember Holly Blair’s arraignment has been delayed to 8:15 a.m. July 25 in Department 9 at the Kings County Superior Court in Hanford. 

Blair’s original arraignment was Friday, where several community members and a couple council members were present. 

Blair herself was late, arriving about 15 minutes after her name was called by the judge.

After stating her name and birth date, Blair said she didn’t have her own attorney but wanted one for the arraignment. She denied a court-appointed attorney.

The judge delayed the arraignment until July 25 in order for Blair to get her own attorney. 

There were also two criminal protective orders filed against Blair during the session. 

The orders were from Lemoore resident Crystal Giles and her daughter, according to court documents. The reports stated that Blair must not contact or come within 100 feet of the pair. 

Giles and her daughter were almost hit by Blair when she drove through the Lemoore Police Department parking lot at high speeds on June 5, according to court documents. Officer Kevin Cosper was also almost hit by Blair’s car.

Blair was charged with four felony and three misdemeanor counts and is currently out on bail.

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