Friday, March 15

Martin Alberto Cabrera-Avila, 22, Suspicion of Warrant related offense, Threaten Crime w/Intent to Terrorize, Interfering with Police Ofcr

Yvette Christina Garcia-Ayala, 36, Suspicion of Poss of Controlled Substance, Driv on Rev/Sus DL:Drunk/Refuse Chem tst, 

Steven Embrey, 26, Suspicion of Poss of Controlled Substance, Under Influence Cont Substance

Mike Longoria, 65, Suspicion of Driv on Susp/Rev DL for DUI

Alberta Clementine Ramos, 49, Suspicion of Bench Warrant Misd., DUI - Under the influence of any drug, DUI - Drugs Only

Sean Michael Ryan, 30, Suspicion of Poss of Cont Subst for Sales, Poss of Inject/Smoking Paraphe, Poss of Controlled Substance, Prob Dept Warr - Prob Viol

Aaron Iokepa Arruda, 32, Suspicion of Bench Warrant Misd., Driv on Susp/Rev DL for DUI, DUI - Misd - .08 per se, No Evidence/Financial Resp, 

Saturday, March 16

Joseph Andrew Lozano, 20, Suspicion of Driv on Susp/Rev DL for DUI, DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Rebecca R Schaff, 38, Suspicion of Petty Theft/Shoplift/Etc, Bench Warrant Misd.

Ashley Sue Winters, 34, Suspicion of Bench Warrant Misd., Poss of Controlled Substance, Under Influence Cont Substance

Jose Guadalupe Vargas-Hernandez, 40, Suspicion of DUI Alcohol - Misd

Cassie Renee Malveaux 25, Suspicion of DUI Alcohol - Misd, False Imprisonment, Battery, Inflict Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohab

Sergio Israel Garcia, 24, Suspicion of Threaten Crime w/Intent to Terrorize, Battery, Poss of Controlled Substances, Under Influence Cont Substance, Parole Violation

Bonnie Marie Ferris, 53, Suspicion of Conspiracy; Commit Crime, Possess Cont Subst in Prison/Jail, Bring Cont Subs into Prison/Jail/Etc, Non-Inmate Sell Cntl Subst to Prisoner, Weapon/Tear Gas Offense:Prison/Jail, Poss of Controlled Substances, Cont Subst, Trans btn Counties

Lavone Jolene Saavedra, 51, Suspicion of PRCS Hold

Michael Joseph Torres, 36, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance, Interfering with Police Ofcr

Kayla Marie Rigole, 34, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance

Casanova Dontre Lewis, 31, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance, Poss of Paraphernalia for Unlawful Use

Pedro Garcia Mora, 66, Suspicion of DUI Alcohol - Misd

Thomas Mora, 57, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above, Out of County Bench Warrant

Robert Theodore Medellin, 27, Suspicion of Disorderly Conduct: Alcohol, Flash Incarceration

Sunday, March 17

Lesley Desiree Jaime, 18, Suspicion of DUI -Under 21 +.05 bac

Frank Joe Flores, 74, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Christopher Tevin Martin, 24, Suspicion of Child Endanger; Poss GBI/Death, Viol of Dom Viol Court Orders, Prob Dept Warr - Prob Viol, Spousal Abuse

Jose Luis Valdovinos-Bustos, 31, Suspicion of DUI Alcohol - Misd

Lindsey Hoskins, 37, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Steven Miles Fierro, 33, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Francisco Javier Gomez, 23, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance

Francisco Guzman Garcia, 42, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance

Brian Edward Fraker, 43, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Daniel Alfaro Jaime, 32, Suspicion of Threaten Crime w/Intent to Terrorize, Offensive Words in Public, Participate in Street Gang, Participate in Strt Gang/Felony-Add Term, Participate in Strt Gang/Felony-Add Te

Victor Rodriguez 37. Suspicion of Disorderly Conduct: Drunk in Public

Octavio Amador Tavaria, 36, Suspicion of Poss of Controlled Substance, Poss of Paraphernalia for Unlawful Use

Michael Leonardo Aguinaga, 24, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Tashara Lashay Jones, 25, Suspicion of Possess Cont Subst in Prison/Jail

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