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Wednesday, Feb. 5

Luis Leo Arvizu, 21, Suspicion of False Imprisonment, Out of County Bench Warrant

Leobardo Avigail Valenzuela-Leyva, 23, Suspicion of Child Endanger; Poss GBI/Death, Harmful Matter of Mnr Sent w/Sexual Int, Unlawful Sexual Intercourse w/Minor

Edward Bustillo, 41, Suspicion of Custody/Care Assault Child(-8)GBI/Death

Shane Allen Hulett, 32, Suspicion of Threaten Crime w/Intent to Terrorize, Bat:Spouse/Ex Spouse/Date/Etc, Probation Violation

Luis Javier Mendoza, 41, Suspicion of Attempt to Commit 496 PC Stolen Property, Poss of Controlled Substance

Kasandra Aguilar, 20, Suspicion of Stalking, Phone Calls: Obscene/Threaten

Lee Andrew Clower, 49, Suspicion of Revocation of Parole

Angel Augustine Gutierrez, 30, Suspicion of Poss Leaded Cane/Billy/Blackjack/Sap

Thursday, Feb. 6

Willshawn Lee Beasley, 23, Suspicion of Vandalism, Damage $400+, Bat:Spouse/Ex Spouse/Date/Etc

Alexander Caracoza, 23, Suspicion of Vandalism, Parole Violation

Augustin Salazar, 34, Suspicion of Bench Warrant Felony, Prisoner Possess Weapon, Enhancement of Prison Term-Prior Felony

Eddie Mascorro, 40, Suspicion of Out of County Warrant-Felony, Out of County Bench Warrant

Luis Alfredo Contreras, 27, Suspicion of Spousal Abuse, Threaten Crime w/Intent to Terrorize, Sexual Battery, by Force

David Daniel Huerta, 25, Suspicion of Accessory

Trino Gomez Guzman, 42, Suspicion of Spousal Abuse

Louie Pereira Oliveira, 59, Suspicion of Flash Incarceration

Isadore Dino Gutierrez, 61, Suspicion of Bench Warrant Felony, Post Release Community Supervision Vio. Grand Theft: Money Labor Personal Property >$950, Rec Known Stolen Property ($950 or More), Vandalism, Damage $400+,Enhancement of Prison Term-New Felony

Eugenio Landa Mendoza, 39, Suspicion of Intimidate Witness/Victim, Intimidate Wit/Vict from Pros

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