Friday, March 22

Erica Danielle Justus, 29, Suspicion of Out of County Bench Warrant

Miguel Alejandro Acosta, 27, Suspicion of DUI Alcohol - Misd

Bridget Ariana Kipp 32, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Juan Manuel Solorzano, 25, Suspicion of Disorderly Conduct: Drunk in Public

April Michelle Striggles, 43, Suspicion of Bench Warrant Misd., Accessory

Ryan Lawrence Goleman, 18, Suspicion of Child Endanger; Poss GBI/Death, Marijuana, Poss for Sales, Conspiracy; Commit Crime

Jared Michel Montoya, 20, Marijuana, Child Endanger; Poss GBI/Death Poss for Sales, Poss of Cont Subst for Sales

Sammy Richard Quair, 48, Suspicion of Bring Cont Subs into Prison/Jail/Etc, 

Cory Daniel Archuleta, 26, Suspicion of Disorderly Conduct: Drunk in Public

Jessica Noreen Cortez, 31, Suspicion of Interfering with Police Ofcr, Spousal Abuse

Gabriel Angel Romero, 40, Suspicion of Warrant related offenses, Habit Traffic Off:Drive:Lic Sus/Revoked, Driv on rev/sus lic

Casanova Dontre Lewis, 31, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance, Poss of Controlled Substance, Poss of Inject/Smoking Paraphe

Ruth Anna Wallace, 41, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance

Gentry Dwane Burton, 41, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance

David Vasquez, 55, Suspicion of Parole Violation

Saturday, March 23

Phillip DeLacruz, 29, Suspicion of Out of County Bench Warrant

Juan Pablo Hernandez-Luna, 40 Suspicion of Bench Warrant Misd., DUI - Misd - .08 per se

Hope Lewright, 24, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Ruby Desiree Nicole Gleaton Johnosn, 33, Cont Substance, Sales/Tran/etc, Conspiracy; Commit Crime, Poss Cntrl'd Subst w/priors, Dispense Dangerous Drugs/Device etc., Bring Cont Subs into Prison/Jail/Etc, Non-Inmate Sell Cntl Subst to Prisoner, Trans/Sell/etc Cont Substance

Saturday, March 24

Justin Lane Clark, 34, Suspicion of DUI Alcohol - Misd

Paul Jess Sanchez, 53, Suspicion of Attempted Murder, ADW - Firearm, Willful Discharge/Firearm-Gross/Negligen

Nathaniel Eugene Walker, 32, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Ryan Joseph Collins, 25, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Eric Demetrius Whitfield, 51, Suspicion of Poss of Paraphernalia for Unlawful Use, Poss of Controlled Substance

Paul Cabrera Coronado, 52, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance

Christina Ann Cowden, 40, Suspicion of DUI - Misd - .08 per se

Michael Eugene Davis, 68, Suspicion of DUI Alcohol:Causing Bodily Injury-Felony

Aniceto Perez Ortiz, 25, Suspicion of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse W/Minor -16, Poss Matter Cont Minor -14 Yrs, Send/Possess Obscene Matter, Contact w/Minor Intent Sex

Jose Rosalio Guzman-Sanchez, 41, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

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