Friday, March 5

Shelby Marie Bennet, 27, Suspicion of DUI Alcohol - Misd

Jeff Richard Baldwin, 25, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Devin Lamar, 24, Suspicion of Carry Loaded FA in Public:Specific Circu, Ex-Felon/Addict with Firearm, Prohibited Person Own/Poss Ammunition, Possess firearm in a school zone

Kimberly Ann Hansen, 49, Suspicion of Petty Theft/Shoplift/Etc, Food Stamp Violation over $200

Jackie Carol Swafford, 44, Suspicion of Burglary

Dishaun Kahlil Perez, 39, Suspicion of DUI - Misd - .08 per se

Maged Ali Shaw, 28, Suspicion of DUI - Drugs Only, Poss of Controlled Substances, Shoplifting; Business Hours $950 or less, Driv on rev/sus lic, Poss of Controlled Substances, Hit & Run PDO Leave Scene

Fermin Flores, 22, Suspicion of Parole Violation

Valente Gonzalez Garza, 46, Suspicion of Bench Warrant Misd., Driv on Susp/Rev DL for DUI

Lathan Denzel Squire, 24, Suspicion of Burglary

Saturday, March 6

Timothy Ferdrico Adame, 31, Suspicion of Parole Violation

Vito Andres Soria, 19, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance

Jesus Rodolfo Ibarra, 33, Suspicion of False Rep of ID to Peace Ofcr, Poss of Paraphernalia for Unlawful Use, Unlicensed Driver, Out of County Bench Warrant

Omar Lozano Roque, 23, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Teresa Destanie Gonzales 23, Suspicion of Tresspassing

Jennifer Staci Driskell-Worth, 49, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance

Joel Chris Perez, 30, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Steven Cruz Garcia, 54, Suspicion of Bench Warrant Misd., DUI - Drugs Only, Bench Warrant Misd., Shoplifting; Business Hours $950 or less

Isaac Perez, 35, Suspicion of ADW - Not Firearm or w/GBI, Vandalism, Throw Subt at Vehicle w/GBI Intent

Shane Michael Kelly, 31, Suspicion of Prob Dept Warr - Prob Viol

Martin Anton Magnia, 26, Suspicion of Bench Warrant Misd., DUI - Misd - .08 per se

Diane Rivera, 24, Suspicion of DUI - Misd - .08 per se

Noel Angel Boytes, 29, Suspicion of Petty Theft, Interfering with Police Ofcr, Disorderly Conduct: Alcohol

April Joy Smit, 49, Suspicion of Viol of Dom Viol Court Orders, Under Influence Cont Substance

Sunday, March 7

Rodolfo Ambriz-Rodriguez, 33, Suspicion of Poss of Controlled Substance, Out of County Bench Warrant, Under Influence Cont Substance, Disp/Pos Forged DL/ID Card, DUI - Driving under the combined influence of any alcoholic beverage and drug

Timothy Joseph Hoyt, 53, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above

Rowdy Shon Sharp, 28, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance, Poss of Controlled Substances

Raul Luna, 24, Suspicion of Disorderly Conduct: Drunk in Public

Rance Michael Fredrick, 34, Suspicion of Spousal Abuse, Cause Elder/Dependent Adult:Harm/Death, Poss of Controlled Substance, Poss of Paraphernalia for Unlawful Use, Interfering with Police Ofcr, Prob Dept Warr - Prob Viol

Kassandra Alicia Espinoza, 21, Suspicion of ADW - By Force Likely Produce GBI, ADW - Not Firearm or w/GBI

Jose Cortez Fuerte, 34, Suspicion of Disorderly Conduct: Drunk in Public

Lori Gail Bisbee, 59, Suspicion of Possess Cont Subst in Prison/Jail, Under Influence Cont Substance, Poss of Controlled Substance

Amber Evelyn Lord, 41, Suspicion of Elder Abuse w/Likely GBI/Death, False Imprisonment, Battery

Dionne Andrea Lewis, 48, Suspicion of Possess Cont Subst in Prison/Jail, Conspiracy; Commit Crime

Justus Jewell Gaston, 22, Suspicion of DUI-Misd - .08 or above, Child Endanger; Poss GBI/Death, DUI Alcohol:Causing Bodily Injury-Felony

Donald Ray Brinston, 46, Suspicion of Disorderly Conduct: Alcohol, Parole Violation

Amber Elizabeth Logan, 38, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance

Steve Sabala Campos, 34, Suspicion of Out of County Bench Warrant

Lionel Campos, 34, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance, Parole Violation

Maria Audrey Montano, 43, Suspicion of Resist/Delay/Obstruct Officer, Child Endanger; Poss GBI/Death

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