Wednesday, Aug. 28

Kevin William Rost, 18, Suspicion of ADW - Not Firearm or w/GBI, Exhibit Deadly Weapon:Not Firearm, Participate in Street Gang, Weapon/Tear Gas Offense:Prison/Jail, Post Release Community Supervision Vio., Ex-Felon/Addict with Firearm

Matthew James Gutierrez, 29, Suspicion of Prohibited Person Own/Poss Ammunition, Ex-Felon/Addict with Firearm, Carry Concealed Dirk or Dagger

Byron Keith Wyatt, 21, Suspicion of Hit & Run - Injury/Death, Parole Violation

Andrew D Hall, 29, Suspicion of Prisoner Possess Weapon

Sheena Torres, 37, Suspicion of Flash Incarceration

Robert Guerrero Bega, 50, Suspicion of Under Influence Cont Substance, Poss of Paraphernalia for Unlawful Use, Bench Warrant Misd., Poss of Controlled Substance, Prohibited Person Own/Poss Ammunition,

Louis Gene Harris, 40, Suspicion of Vandalism, Enhancement of Prison Term-New Felony, Bench Warrant Felony

Donald Allen Hess, 36, Suspicion of Bench Warrant Felony, Post Release Community Supervision Vio.

Thursday, Aug. 29

Andres Merino Ortiz, 33, Suspicion of Spousal Abuse, Child Endanger; No Poss GBI/De, Viol of Dom Viol Court Orders, Interfering with Police Ofcr

Richard Arrellano Nevarez, 29, Suspicion of Obstruct/Resist Exec Ofcr (PO), Spousal Abuse

Desiree Monique Parker, 32, Suspicion of Child Endanger; Poss GBI/Death, DUI Alcohol:Causing Bodily Injury-Felony, Hit & Run - Injury/Death, Poss of Paraphernalia for Unlawful Use

Jeffrey Schuler, 44, Suspicion of Unlawful Taking/Driving Vehicl, Rec Known Stolen Property ($950 or More)

Jesus Garza Gutierrez, 35, Suspicion of Vandalism, Driv on Susp/Rev DL for DUI, Poss of Controlled Substances, Interfering with Police Ofcr

Ramon Gonzalez, 58, Suspicion of Threaten Crime w/Intent to Terrorize

Roland Arellano, 23, Suspicion of Interfering with Police Ofcr, DUI - Misd - .08 per se

Michael Joseph Castaneda, 58, Suspicion of Parole Violation

Martin Ramon Flores, 37, Suspicion of Driv on Susp/Rev DL for DUI, Interfering with Police Ofcr

Cezar Oropeza, 27, Suspicion of Attempted Murder, ADW - Not Firearm or w/GBI, Out of County Bench Warrant

Fermin Flores, 22, Suspicion of Parole Violation

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