The Kings County Department of Public Health has released the newest COVID-19 numbers and while cases are leveling off, caution is still being advised.

At Tuesday’s meeting for the Kings County Board of Supervisors, Assistant Public Health Director Darcy Pickens discussed the current situation regarding the pandemic in the area. According to Pickens, Adventist Health had 53 patients in medsurg and in the intensive care unit as of Monday. Of these patients, 49 are Kings County residents.

“The overall trend seems to be stabilizing somewhat with only a slight increase from the total hospitalizations reported last week, although we do currently have a higher number of people in the ICU than we’ve seen during this current surge,” Pickens said. “We know that people are getting sicker and that’s reflected in our numbers — sicker with this surge.”

The latest numbers from the County show that 587 new cases were reported in the last week, which is an increase from the last two weeks. Meanwhile there was a slight decrease in the number of cases reported in patients between the ages of 0-11 years, while cases in the ages 20-49 population appear to be leveling off.

However, Pickens cautioned that with flu season approaching and the air quality continuing to deteriorate, that there would not only be more sickness, but confusion over what someone may be experiencing between the three.

“As our air quality continues to be poor and we come into the winter months, it will be important to rule out COVID as the cause of symptoms that can often look similar across various seasonal illnesses and allergies,” Pickens said.

Public Health also reminded the public that the booster is available for those who have received the Pfizer vaccine and are in the most vulnerable demographics.

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