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Mark Sanchez

For the second time this week, a suspect in Corcoran has been arrested for illegal gun possession.

On Thursday, officers with the Corcoran Police Department contacted suspect Mark Sanchez at a residence in the 1200 block of Hanna Avenue. During their search of the residence, an AR-15-style rifle was located, according to authorities. 

“Sanchez is currently on probation and is supervised by the Kings County Probation Department,” the press report said. “Sanchez is prohibited from possessing firearms due to prior criminal convictions and his probation status.”

The weapon did not depict any markings or serial numbers and had a fully loaded, high-capacity magazine. Along with this, officers located additional ammunition. During questioning, Sanchez admitted to purchasing and possessing the rifle. He was arrested and transported to the Kings County Jail for being in violation of numerous firearms-related charges and a probation violation.

The investigation is part of a larger special enforcement program the department has been carrying out for several weeks in an effort to reduce violence that has been increasing in Corcoran.

“This special enforcement program is ongoing and Corcoran Police Department is committed to having a positive impact on reducing gang and gun violence,” the release stated. 

On Monday, Corcoran Police also arrested a suspect for possession of a firearm in the 2000 block of Sherman Avenue during a traffic stop. The driver and occupants of the vehicle were all known gang members. As in the case with Sanchez, there were no serial numbers or identification marks on the gun – a 9mm pistol.

The suspect was a minor and was booked at the Kings County Juvenile Center. The suspect is being held without bail and faces the possibility of a gang enhancement being added onto his charges.

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