Resident Question

A Kings County resident stands up to ask a question during a town hall meeting in Corcoran Tuesday.

Kings County Sheriff David Robinson told residents at a packed Corcoran town hall meeting this week that the project to raise the levee protecting the city from flood waters is 75% complete.

Additionally, residents were told very few of the 4,032 Kings County land parcels — 408,000 acres — that have the potential for flooding this summer as a result of record snowmelt are under water at this time.

“Current parcels underwater are 720,” said Kings County Assessor/Clerk/ Recorder Kristine Lee. “That’s $204.8 million worth of property. We have received 270 requests for relief, and out of those, 204 are actually in the flood zone under the Tulare Lake Basin.”


Residents and Corcoran City Manager Greg Gatzka, right, listen to a question from a member of the audience during a Corcoran town hall meeting Tuesday.


A sign outside Corcoran's Technology Learning Center warns the area is subject to flooding.

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