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HANFORD — The cleanup of a trash-filled, waterlogged drainage basin behind Big Lots in Hanford is underway.

Workers Michael Gamble and John Alaniz stood at the edge of the water Wednesday, halfway down the embankment, and raked all the floating rubbish they could reach to the edge of the deep water that has pooled there from runoff from the Cost Less/Big Lots shopping center during recent rainy weather.

Floating trash Gamble and Alaniz couldn't reach will likely remain there until the water level drops.

Gamble and Alaniz were able to get at the trash higher up on the slanted embankment as well as the junk spread over the strip of flat ground surrounding the basin.

The eyesore has for weeks been accumulating stinking piles of illegal trash city officials say was generated by homeless encampments.

Officials had been working with the property owner, Southern California-based Moisce Belinow, since as far back as November 2016 to try to get the filth cleaned up, but nothing happened.

The piles of junk kept growing.

A story about the unsightly, stinking mess and who was responsible for cleaning it up appeared in The Sentinel last week.

The story identified Belinow as the principal owner of the drainage basin.

The reporter can be reached at or 583-2432. 

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