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HANFORD — College classes started Aug. 14 for all College of the Sequoias campus education centers and the different sites are holding welcome week days to let students know about all the different resources and clubs available for them. Wednesday was Hanford's day for the activities.

For student Frank Verni, helping students engage in campus life is a top priority, and he was busy at the Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) booth at the resource fair Wednesday at the COS Hanford Education Center in the cafeteria.  

“I was president of the EOPS club at the Visalia center, and we’re hoping to start a club in the Hanford branch as well,” said Verni.

At the moment, Hanford has no clubs on campus, but Verni is hoping to change that by starting the first one.

“Some of us don’t have somewhere else to go and sometimes when we get involved with school programs, it allows us to stay focused with school,” said Verni. “We’ve had some students already signed up that seem a little interested in the program and the club as well.”

Others like Victor Ajawara are just glad to be back on campus. “I love being in a school environment,” said Ajawara. “I like the environment here, there are not too much crowds. I see few people here and it makes me more confident.”

Ajawara is a nursing student and hopes to finish this semester and then get into the nursing program so he can become a registered nurse.

Before that, Ajawara used to be a civil engineer for a number of years before he decided he no longer wanted to do that.

“I got my degree in 2007 from Nigeria, but then I came back,” said Ajawara. “I was going to be a medical doctor a while back but for some reason, I said, 'oh let me try engineering.' I tried it, and I enjoyed it, but right now I want to try something new.”

Dominic Ricks is also trying something new by starting college for the first time since graduating from Sierra Pacific High School in June.

“It's a great place to start, so that I can then transfer to another school,” said Ricks. “It’s pretty nice.”

Ricks hopes to transfer to California State University, Fresno, and major in business so that hopefully one day he can start his own business.

He already seems to enjoy college a lot more than high school.

“I like it better. I’m only here for two hours a day and in high school I was there eight hours. When I did sports, I was there for about 12 hours a day,” said Ricks.

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