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HANFORD — Dogs of all shapes and sizes turned the Kings Fair into their own, personal yard Friday as part of the Sequoia and Kings Kennel clubs’ annual American Kennel Club Dog Show.

From baby Chihuahuas to middle-aged Irish wolfhounds, the dog show showcased a varied assortment of adorable pooches.

“It’s nothing but Chihuahuas,” Belinda McCormick said about her preference for the tiny canines.

McCormick, of Visalia, showed two of her young dogs during the puppy class Friday morning.

“Watching them just makes you want to go out and get a puppy,” club treasurer Pat Noland said.

On the other end of the are-they-cuddling-you-or-are-you-cuddling-them size spectrum were Linda Souza’s Irish Wolfhounds.

Originally bred to hunt wolves, the breed is now laid back and has an almost lazy temperament, Souza said.

Father Quincy is 5 – middle-aged by wolfhound standards – and son, Quinn, is almost 2 years old. The dogs eat about three pounds of kibble each per day and weigh nearly 200 pounds each.

Souza has been showing fogs for about 45 years and is now encouraging her grandchildren to get into the hobby, saying that it’s been a great way for her to make friends and stay in contact with good people with similar interests.

“It’s the comradery and spending time with the dogs. It’s a combination of those two things.  Of course, the competition is fun but you don’t always win, so there has to be something else besides the winning because you don’t win all the time,”

Souza is from San Martin, south of San Jose, and drives with her dogs to multiple shows a year, she said, with visits to Oregon and New Mexico coming up. Because of the dogs’ large size, flying isn’t an option, but Souza said she likes going on road trips with them, even on long drives to places like New York.

“Some of the breeds may look big and brutal, but they’re all very sweet,” Noland said.

In the afternoon, the Sequoia and Kings Kennel clubs, which encompass Tulare and Kings counties, presented representatives from the Tulare Police Department a check for $5,000 to support the department’s K-9 Unit.

The dog show runs from 8 a.m. to around 4 p.m. today and Sunday. 

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